The Onedin Line: Survivor (BBC-1 22 Oct 1972)

In Survivor we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as Anne and James are now thankfully back together and are en route from Foochow in his chartered clipper Osiris. Things take a turn for the bad when the Osiris picks up the lone survivor, Hennessey, from a wrecked ship. In his delirium he begins quoting what are considered bad luck verses from Revelations in the Bible. The crew become convinced that he has brought bad luck to the voyage.

The truly fabulous Talfryn Thomas is one of the crewmen in this episode. He always enlivens any show he pops up in. It’s not that he’s a great actor, far from it, but he always pulls out his full range of facial expressions and tics. Sadly he comes a cropper midway through the episode, giving the crew even more fuel to their Jonah theory about the survivor they picked up.

This episode was written by series producer Peter Graham Scott and there is a nice twist in the tale when Hennessey reveals just what happened to the dead man who was found in the boat with him.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 22 October 1972 at 7.25pm

Writer: Peter Graham Scott / Director: Roger Jenkins

Series: The Onedin Line Season 2 Episode 6

Peter Gilmore as James Onedin
Anne Stallybrass as Anne Onedin
Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth Frazer
Howard Lang as Mr Baines
Noel Purcell as Hennessey
Jack Woolgar as Bogner
Bill Stewart as Hadley
Talfryn Thomas as Thomas
April Walker as Carrie Harris
James Mellor as Brough

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