Public Eye: Slip Home in the Dark (ITV 21 Jul 1971, James Laurenson)

In Slip Home in the Dark Frank helps a young married woman, Barbara Pitt, who is being blackmailed. She has recently moved into the area with her husband Ken. As Frank investigates he discovered that Ken has also been recently released from prison. Initially it looks like the blackmailer maybe targeting Ken who has turned the corner and has a promising new job. However he is really trying to come between Barbara and Ken. Threatening to reveal that while Ken was in prison Barbara had several after hours meetings (albeit innocent) with the doctor who was treating her following a miscarriage.

A strong cast includes James Laurenson, Geoffrey Whitehead and Estelle Kohler (who the following year would take a lead role in hugely popular drama The Main Chance).

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Another strong script from the always excellent Ray Jenkins, who was writing for many TV dramas around this time, always with a keen eye for thought provoking dialogue, such as this exchange between Marker and Lipton – “Mr Lipton we both know about prison wives don’t we, we’ve seen them. They are brave, nervous women and their whole lives are a fake. Once a week they doll themselves up to look the best picture their men can see. For an hour. And then they go home. To empty houses. They’re the most vulnerable people we know I reckon. They’re like abandoned children.”

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production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minutes / Broadcast Wednesday 21 July 1971 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Production Design: Roger Allan / Director: Peter Duguid

Series: Public Eye Season 5 Episode 3

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Estelle Kohler as Barbara Pitt
James Laurenson as Ken Pitt
Geoffrey Whitehead as Alan Lipton
Susan Engel as Polly Beavens
John Leverett as Shuker
Norman Pitt as Dealer
Clive Moss as Boyle
Brent Oldfield as Griff
Kevin Moody as Churchill
Stuart Richman as Hacker

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