Classic TV Episodes: Happy Days – Richie Fights Back

Happy Days Richie Fights Back

A top 20 series for eight of its 11 seasons, Happy Days often focused on the brotherly relationship between two ’50s stereotypes: Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), the clean-cut boy next door, and his idol, Fonzie (Henry Winkler), the coolest motorcycle-riding high school dropout in all of Milwaukee.

“Richie Fights Back” finds straight-arrow Richie being tyrannized by a pair of bullies (one of whom is Jeff Conaway aka Kenickie from Grease). “I’m going to teach you the secret of being tough,” Fonzie assures Richie, who has already tried studying jujitsu with Arnold (Pat Morita). “Of course, with that Howdy Doody face, you can only be so tough.”

Happy Days Richie Fights Back

The secret is nothing earthshaking: Act tough, sound tough, and maybe people will think you are tough. But in the end, it works. Richie stands up to the bullies all by himself. Howdy Doody gets his self-respect back — with a little help from his leather-clad friend.

Original Airdate: October 14, 1975

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