Lost Horizon (Columbia 1973, Peter Finch, John Gielgud)

Lost Horizon

This 1973 musical take of Lost Horizon, James Hilton’s popular fantasy about Shangri-La, a peaceful Himalayan utopia whose residents appear to have eternal life was a big budget spectacular that failed to come alight.

The set-up is similar to Frank Capra’s 1937 original, with a handful of plane crash survivors finding their way to the mountain valley; once there, the impressive cast bursts into songs provided by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. The musical numbers were choreographed by the legendary Hermes Pan.

Jean Louis, costume designer for Lost Horizon, was an Academy Award-winning artist perhaps most celebrated for the unforgettable strapless gown he designed for Rita Hayworth’s Put the Blame on Mame” number in Gilda (1946).”

Cast: Charles Boyer, Peter Finch, John Gielgud, Olivia Hussey, Sally Kellerman, George Kennedy, Liv Ullmann, Bobby Van, Michael York

Director: Charles Jarrott
Producer: Ross Hunter
Director of Photography: Robert Surtees
Editor: Dan Wallin, Maury Winetrobe
Composers: Burt Bacharach, Hal David
Screenwriter: Larry Kramer
Costume Designer: Jean Louis
Art Director: Preston Ames
Choreographer: Hermes Pan

USA / Columbia / 150 minutes / 1973

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