Stay Hungry (United Artists 1976, Jeff Bridges, Sally Field)

Stay Hungry 1976 Arnold Schwarznegger Jeff Bridges

Bob Rafelson (director of “Five Easy Pieces“, 1970) revisits the clash between rich and poor in the U.S. in drama Stay Hungry.

Wealthy Jeff Bridges pursues a real-estate development that stumbles on the refusal by a bodybuilding-gym owner to move his business. When he comes to know the owner and his patrons, Bridges gets involved with the gym rats who call it home, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of his first movie roles, who’s training to be Mr. Universe. Bridges also falls for Sally Field, a girl who’s never been part of his country-club set.

Although he had already starred in Hercules in New York (1970) and had a bit role in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye (1974), Arnold Schwarzenegger did not seriously pursue an acting career until after making Stay Hungry.

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Sally Field, Arnold Schwarzenegger, R. G. Armstrong, Robert Englund, Roger E. Mosley

Director: Bob Rafelson
Producer: Harold Schneider
Director of Photography: Victor J. Kemper
Editor: John F. Link
Composers: Byron Berline, Bruce Langehorne
Screenwriters: Charles Gaines, Bob Rafelson
Art Director: Toby Rafelson

USA / United Artists / 102 minutes / 1976

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