Goodnight Sweetheart (BBC-1 2 Sep 2016, Nicholas Lyndhurst)

Unlike the other shows in the BBC’s Sitcom Season Goodnight Sweetheart has brought back all the original cast for a complete new story catching up with Gary Sparrow the time-travelling TV repairman.

We last saw Gary 17 years ago when his mysterious time-portal closed for good, leaving him trapped forever in 1945 with his East End pub-owning wife Phoebe, their none-too-bright friend Reg and their toddler son Michael. Abandoned in 1999, and sadly resigned to never seeing him again, were his original wife, the successful and glamorous Yvonne and his oldest friend Ron.

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Now, 17 years have gone by and it’s 1962 – the year Gary was in fact born. Is it possible he could actually witness the event? Well, obviously not, according to the elementary rules of time travel: it might cause some very startling consequences such as being catapulted ahead into 2016 – a world he knows nothing about.

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Esme Coy is the real life daughter of Emma Amos.

production details
UK / BBC Two – Retort (FremantleMedia UK) / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 2 September 2016 at 9.00pm

Writers: Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran / Executive Producer: Jon Rolph / Producer: Humphrey Barclay / Director: Martin Dennis

Nicholas Lyndhurst as Gary Sparrow
Elizabeth Carling as Phoebe
Emma Amos as Yvonne
Victor McGuire as Ron
Christopher Ettridge as Reg
Tim Preston as Michael
Esme Coy
Liam Jeavons
Khali Best

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