Follyfoot: The Debt (ITV 4 Jun 1972, with Clare Kelly)



In The Debt, Steve has been reunited with his mum having discovered her working at a cafe on wheels. It’s not an easy reunion. His mum is £40 in debt and on the verge of going to prison if she doesn’t pay it. She is trying to avoid the police but Steve is determined to pay off the debt so that she can get on with her life. Steve begins working two jobs to raise the money, the problem is that his mother actually doesn’t want his help. Or anybodys Even after he has raised the money she takes it and wastes it on a night out with her friends. Only then does Steve realise that his heart lies back at Follyfoot.

Meanwhile Dora is having problems of her own, elderly Arthur Wimble (played by the fabulous Leslie Dwyer) has been keeping his horse Jonas at Follyfoot for the past couple of years and occasionally using him for delivery work at the docks. Now though he feels Jonas is too old for the work and decides to use a different horse for his latest job (without telling anyone), the only problem is he chooses the very pampered horse Pride that belongs to the uppity Lady Millicent and is just being boarded at Follyfoot for a few weeks.

An episode of two halves with the seriousness of Steve’s story contrasting with the fun and games at Follyfoot. As the episode closes Steve is back and Dora is crying with happiness at his return.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 4 June 1972 at 5.35pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Claude Whatham

Series: Follyfoot Season 2 Episode 2

Gillian Blake as Dora
Steve Hodson as Steve
Desmond Llewellyn as The Colonel
Arthur English as Slugger
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Clare Kelly as Kathy Ross
Joe Ritchie as Bert
Ivan Beavis as Policeman
Leslie Dwyer as Arthur Wimble
Michael Collins as Garage Owner
Maggie Flint as Mr Widgeon
Janet Hargreaves as Lady Millicent
Andrew Sweeney as Small boy

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