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Jailbreak Lovers Premieres Saturday 2 July on Lifetime



Jailbreak Lovers is based on a true story and follows Toby (Catherine Bell), a woman who has always followed the rules. Toby never ran a red light, married the one and only boy she ever dated, raised a family, and attended church. She did everything she was supposed to do.

No one could have predicted that Toby would end up on the run, shacked up with her younger lover John (Tom Stevens), a convicted murderer, after she loses her job and starts a non-profit to rehabilitate abused, rescued dogs at the local prison. The star-crossed lovers devise a plan to smuggle John out of prison in one of the dog crates, sparking a federal manhunt.

Written by Anne-Marie Hess and directed by Katie Boland.

Airdate: Saturday July 2, 2022 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.