Man At The Top: The Name But Not The Game (ITV 1 Feb 1971)

In The Name But Not The Game it looks like someone is out to ruin Joe good and proper, he is named as co-respondent in a divorce case and for once when Joe says he has never met the woman in question he is telling the truth, he stands to have to pay 14,000 pounds in damages, a sum big enough to send him bankrupt but he is convinced there is something shady going on.

Another good strong episode, in fact there isn’t a duff episode in the whole first season. It soon becomes clear just what is going on in the shape of the involvement of Joe’s hated rivel Marlcliffe who intends to pull off a major contract that Lampton and Soames are also bidding for. Some interesting dynamics going on too, Joe just can’t escape from the shadow of his father in law Abe who comes down from “up north” to use his contacts to find out what is going on.

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production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 1 February 1971

Writer: John Braine / Production Design: Stan Woodward, Patrick Downing / Director: Mike Vardy

Man At The Top Season One Episode Seven

JAMES DONNELLY as Teddy Soames
GAWN GRAINGER as Toby Marlcliffe
NORMAN SCACE as Ralph Charlton Q.C.
FREDERIC JAEGER as Tom Ebberston
RHODA LEWIS as Harriet Ebberston
MARK DIGNAM as Abe Brown
AVICE LANDON as Margaret Brown
PAULINE MUNRO as Audrey Scalloway
LANE MEDDICK as Writ Server

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