Murder Maps “Cleveland Torso Murders” (Ovation Wednesday March 29 2023)



Murder Maps

Murder Maps airs a new episode tonight Wednesday March 29 2023 on Ovation.

“Cleveland Torso Murders” In the 1930s, Cleveland, Ohio, was a dangerous place to live. It was severely impacted by the Great Depression. Violence and dishonesty were common. And someone was killing people one by one. In this installment, we delve into the cold case of the Butcher of Kingsbury Run. At least twelve people were slaughtered by the Butcher, whose dismembered corpses were dispersed throughout the city. The majority of casualties went unrecognised and justice was never served. However, as this episode shows, the famous lawman Eliot Ness’s investigation did have a suspect, a man whose identity has been concealed for decades.

Airdate: Wednesday March 29 2023 at 3.30am on Ovation.

Season 5 Episode 7 

Featured Image Credit: Ovation

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