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The Organization: Rodney Spurling and Peter Frame (ITV 7 May 1972, with Jon Laurimore)



In Rodney Spurling and Peter Frame the PR department is somewhat anxious about the impending visit by prominent psychologist Dr Ducker. The visit will be something akin to a time and motion study, it’s been set up by the Chairman.

The arrival of Dr Ducker doesn’t do a lot for Spurling’s confidence, especially as he has been chosen as the first person to be “studied.” Ducker’s tactic is to sit quietly in the office watching the goings on, something Rodney does not like at all. What Dr Ducker doesn’t know though is that the whole department, with the exception of Peter Frame who knows nothing about it, are playing a psychological game of their own.

The Organization Rodney Spurling and Peter Frame

Rodney Spurling can’t handle the presence of Dr Ducker.

Richard Pershore doesn’t seem to getting very far with the delectable Veronica so shifts his attention to Johnny’s secretary Heather instead. Although it has to be said there is a very free and easy approach to sex going on in the series. The men all kiss their secretaries at the least provocation and there is something of a La Ronde style vibe in general.

Excellent actor Jon Laurimore plays Johnny Watt, a so far unseen member of the PR department.

Easily the strongest episode of the series so far, equal screen time given to all the players and a cleverly structured plot.

The Organization Rodney Spurling and Peter Frame

The lovely Veronica (Elaine Taylor) is otherwise engaged when Pershore asks her out for dinner.

classic quotes
Eve: “What is your Christian name.”
Dr Ducker: “Theodore”
Eve: “I shall call you Dr Ducker”

“Peter you are the grain of sand without which there can be no pearl.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 7 May 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Philip Mackie / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Organization Episode 4 of 7

Peter Egan as Richard Pershore
Donald Sinden as David Pulman
Elaine Taylor as Veronica
Jill Melford as Eve
Bernard Hepton as Rodney Spurling
Anton Rodgers as Peter Frame
Jo Kendall as Daphne
Gretchen Franklin as Edna
Beth Morris as Heather
Jon Laurimore as Johnny Watt
David Graham as Malcolm
Myra Frances as Lil
James Grout as Dr Ducker
Suzan Cameron as Pippa