Survivor UK Meet the Contestants – Shai

Survivor UK Meet the Contestants - Shai

Survivor UK premieres soon on BBC One so what better time to meet the contestants: Shai is 33 from London and is a Finance Risk Manager.

Change all female pronouns to male pronouns: Shai wanted to be on Survivor because he was a super fan of the show. He had been watching it since he was 11 years old and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. He was excited about the idea of being stranded on an island with strangers and competing in the game.

In terms of qualities he brought to the game, Shai believed his knowledge of the show would help his tribe thrive both physically and strategically. He had watched most previous seasons and felt confident in his understanding of the game.

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To prepare mentally, Shai sharpened his mind with puzzle books to help with any challenges he might face on the island. Physically, he put on some weight to have energy reserves due to the lack of food.

Shai’s strategy going into the game was to lay low at the beginning and not draw attention to himself. He planned to seize control in the mid game. However, he acknowledged that executing this strategy was easier said than done.

Shai described himself as very competitive and always wanting to win within the rules of the game. However, he also acknowledged that being too competitive could put a target on his back.

He was most looking forward to the reward and immunity challenges and testing himself physically and mentally. He enjoyed the challenge of living on a remote beach.

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Living on the beach with no home comforts was tough, but Shai felt like he became accustomed to it and even enjoyed it. However, he did mention that maintaining his hair was not ideal.

Coping with hunger was initially tough for Shai, but he managed to get through it with the excitement of being on a remote island. His body eventually adjusted to the new reality of living on the island, and he learned to never take food for granted.

From being on the show, Shai learned that he was more open to taking risks than he had previously thought. He adopted a “go big or go home” philosophy and realized that he only had one shot at playing the greatest game in the world.

Survivor UK begins soon on BBC One.

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