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Appointment with Venus (1951, David Niven, Glynis Johns)



During World War II, an English Army major and his assistant (David Niven and Glynis Johns) are assigned to rescue a pedigree cow from one of the German-occupied Channel Islands. Based on a novel by Jerrard Tickell, this madcap farce is also known as Island Rescue.

Writer Jerrard Tickell, whose novel Appointment with Venus formed the basis for the 1951 film of the same title, had a special affinity for war subjects. One of his best-known works, Odette: The Story of a British Agent, told the true story of a French woman who became a British agent working with the French resistance and survived Nazi capture, torture, and imprisonment. It was filmed in 1950 as Odette, with Anna Neagle.

production details
UK | 90 minutes | 1951

Director: Ralph Thomas
Producer: Betty E. Box
Director of Photography: Ernest Steward
Editing: Gerald Thomas
Music:Benjamin Frankel
Script: Nicholas Phipps
Art Direction: George Provis

Bernard Lee as Brigadier
Glynis Johns as Nicola Fallaize
Jeremy Spenser as Georges
Noel Purcell as Trawler Langley
David Niven as Maj. Valentine Moreland
George Coulouris as Capt. Weiss
Kenneth More as Lionel Fallaize
Barry Jones as Provost