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Blankman (1994, Damon Wayans, Robin Givens)



Forget Batman and Robin, meet ‘Blankman’ and his trusty sidekick ‘Other Guy’, crimefighters working on a tight budget. They’re the superheroes of this enjoyable, surprisingly sweet-natured comedy co-written by and starring DAMON WAYANS. The film is similar in theme to Robert Townsend’s Meteor Man, another movie that offered a comical portrayal of a black superhero. Sadly, neither film received much of a release at cinemas in the UK, so this is a welcome opportunity to see the funnier of the two.

Wayans and his In Living Colour comedy partner DAVID ALAN GRIER star as brothers Darryl and Kevin Walker. Darryl is an eccentric inventor while older brother Kevin works as a cameraman for a tacky tabloid TV show. With crime in Metro City spiralling out of control and the brothers’ gran (LYNNE THIGPEN) murdered by underworld overlord Michael Minelli (JON POLITO), Darryl decides that enough is enough.

Armed with an arsenal of home-made secret weapons and decked out in his grandmother’s modified old housecoat, he transforms himself into a crime-fighting vigilante. The bemused media, led by TV reporter Kimberly Jonz (ROBIN GIVENS) and sleazy journalist (JASON ALEXANDER), christen this new superhero ‘Blankman’ and follow his escapades with a mounting sense of wonder.

production details
USA | 96 minutes | 1994

Director: Mike Binder
Script: Damon Wayans, J. F. Lawton

Damon Wayans as Darryl Walker
David Alan Grier as Kevin Walker
Robin Givens as Kimberly Jonz
Christopher Lawford as Mayor Marvin Harris
Jason Alexander as Mr. Stone
Michael Wayans as Young Darryl
Damon Wayans Jr. as Young Kevin
Lynne Thigpen as Grandma Walker
Nick Corello as Sammy the Blade
Joseph Vassallo as Tony the Match
John Moschitta Jr. as Mr. Crudd
Jon Polito as Michael ‘The Suit’ Minelli



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