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Bureau of Missing Persons (Warner Bros 1933, Pat O’Brien, Bette Davis)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

A tough cop gets more action than he expected when transferred to the Bureau of Missing Persons, including tangling with spitfire Bette Davis.

A New York movie house showing Bureau of Missing Persons took advantage of the picture by offering a $10,000 reward in its lobby for information pertaining to a judge’s disappearance.

production details
USA | Warner Bros | 73 minutes | 1933
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Script: Robert Presnell Sr., John H. Ayers, Carol Bird,

Bette Davis as Norma Roberts
Pat O’Brien as Detective Butch Saunders
Grace Hayle as Woman with Missing Cook
Glenda Farrell as Belle Howard Saunders
Ruth Donnelly as Gwendolyn ‘Pete’ Harris
Alan Dinehart as Therme Roberts
Dewey Robinson as Diner Customer
Allen Jenkins as Detective Joe Musik
Adrian Morris as Detective Irish Conlin
Lewis Stone as Police Captain Webb
Hugh Herbert as Detective Hank Slade
Marjorie Gateson as Mrs. Paul
Noel Francis as Alice Crane
Wallis Clark as Mr. Paul
Tad Alexander as Caesar Paul
George Chandler as Homer Howard
Henry Kolker as Theodore Arno
Hobart Cavanaugh as Mr. Harris
Charles Sellon as Undertaker
Christian Rub as Janitor