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Collateral Damage (2002, Arnold Schwarznegger, Francesca Neri)



Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Gordy Brewer, a Los Angeles’ fireman whose life is turned upside down when his wife and son are killed by a terrorist bomb. Determined to get his revenge, he tracks down the perpetrators to Colombia, where the guerillas are not just engaged in global terrorism, but control the drugs trade and are at war with their own government. Yet when he finally confronts ‘The Wolf’ (Cliff Curtis), the man responsible for ordering the attack that killed his family, Brewer finds that not everything in the world is simply a matter of good against evil.

Andrew Davis’s all-action thriller was due for release in October 2001 but held over after the 9/11 attacks and eventually released to a muted reception a year later. But Arnie once again proves he’s the action king as he tries to stop The Wolf from another deadly attack on America.

production details
USA | 108 minutes | 2002

Writers: Ronald Roose, David Griffiths, Peter Griffiths, Tom Jung
Director: Andrew Davis

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Gordy Brewer
Francesca Neri as Selena Perrini
Elias Koteas as Peter Brandt
Cliff Curtis as Claudio Perrini
John Turturro as Sean Amstrong
John Leguizamo as Felix Ramirez
Jane Lynch as Agent Russo
Harry Lennix as FBI Agent Dray
Lindsay Frost as Anne Brewer
Tyler Posey as Mauro
Rick Worthy as Ronnie
Madison Mason as Undersecretary Shrub
Miguel Sandoval as Joe Phipps
Michael Cavanaugh as Chairman Paul Devereaux
Nicholas Pryor as Senator Delich
Rodrigo Obregón as Rodrigo
J. Kenneth Campbell as Ed Coonts
Michael Milhoan as Jack
Jorge Zepeda as Rocha
Ethan Dampf as Matt Brewer
Jsu Garcia as Roman