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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (MGM 1941, Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman)



This version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale about a scientist who develops a potion that separates man’s good and evil natures accentuates the emotional characteristics of the Hyde figure, rather than the terror angle.

Ingrid Bergman was originally cast as Jekyll’s fiancee, she eventually played barmaid Ivy Peterson, with the fiancee role going to Lana Turner.

production details
Country: USA | MGM | 114 minutes
Release Year: 1941

Directors: Victor Fleming, Peter Godfrey, Harold F. Kress
Producer: Victor Fleming
Original Story: Robert Louis Stevenson
Cinematography: Joseph Ruttenberg
Music: :Franz Waxman
Script: John Lee Mahin

Spencer Tracy as Dr. Henry ‘Harry’ Jekyll / Mr. Hyde
Ingrid Bergman as Ivy Peterson
Lana Turner as Beatrix ‘Bea’ Emery
Ian Hunter as Dr. John Lanyon
Barton MacLane as Sam Higgins
Billy Bevan as Mr. Weller
Sara Allgood as Mrs. Higgins
Donald Crisp as Sir Charles Emery
Lawrence Grant as Dr. Courtland
C. Aubrey Smith as The Bishop
William Tannen as Intern Fenwick
Peter Godfrey as Poole
Frederick Worlock as Dr. Heath (as Frederic Worlock)
Frances Robinson as Marcia
Denis Greene as Freddie
Forrester Harvey as Old Prouty
Lumsden Hare as Colonel Weymouth
John Barclay as Constable
Hillary Brooke as Mrs. Arnold (uncredited)
Aubrey Mather as Inspector (uncredited)
Alec Craig as Tripped Waiter (uncredited)
Brandon Hurst as Dr. Lanyon’s Butler Briggs (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten as Hobson (uncredited)
Colin Kenny as Constable (uncredited)



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