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Grapes of Wrath, The (TCF 1940, Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell)



John Ford directs what many consider to be Henry Fonda’s greatest role. Based on John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prizewinning 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath follows an Oklahoma family’s escape from the Dustbowl to join the migration to California’s fruit harvest. Fonda shines as Tom Joad, a poor farmer who refuses to be beaten down by misfortune and oppression, and Jane Darwell is moving as the loving backbone of the Joad family. An unusually compassionate and socially conscious film, it’s like a series of Dorothea Lange photos from the Depression, full of suffering and dignity.

The great character actress Jane Darwell, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, was the child of a railroad president who claimed to be a direct descendant of President Andrew Jackson.

The original publicity stated ‘The thousands who have read the book will know why we will not sell any children tickets to see this picture!’

Academy Award Nominations: 7, including Best Picture; Best Actor: Henry Fonda; Best Screenplay.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 129 minutes | 1940
Director: John Ford
Script: Nunnally Johnson, John Steinbeck,

Irving Bacon as Driver
Francis Ford as (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Waclaw Rekwart as Migrant (uncredited)
Frank Faylen as Tim
Erville Alderson as Arkansas Storekeeper (uncredited)
Ward Bond as Policeman
Pat Flaherty as Deputy (uncredited)
Bill Wolfe as Square-Dance Caller (uncredited)
Robert Homans as Spencer
Cliff Clark as City Man
Harry Tyler as Bert
John Carradine as Casy
Frank Atkinson as Migrant (uncredited)
William Haade as Deputy with shogun (uncredited)
Harry Strang as Fred – Trucker #2 at Diner (uncredited)
John Qualen as Muley Graves
Trevor Bardette as Jule – Bouncer at Dance (uncredited)
Louis Mason as Man in Camp (uncredited)
James Flavin as Guard (uncredited)
Gloria Roy as Waitress (uncredited)
Joe Sawyer as Bookkeeper
Ralph Dunn as Deputy (uncredited)
Norman Willis as Joe – Shot at Floyd (uncredited)
Nora Bush as Migrant
Tom Tyler as Deputy Handcuffing Casy (uncredited)
Rose Plumer as Migrant (uncredited)
Paul Sutton as Deputy (uncredited)
Dan White as Poor Man Walking with Woman in Transient Camp (uncredited)
Roger Imhof as Thomas
Charles Tannen as Joe
Harry Tenbrook as Deputy / Troublemaker (uncredited)
Charles D. Brown as Wilkie
John Wallace as Migrant (uncredited)
Dick Rich as Keene Ranch Guard (uncredited)
Adrian Morris as Agent
Kitty McHugh as Mae
Jim Corey as Buck Jackson – Witness at Dance
Darryl Hickman as Winfield
Henry Fonda as Tom Joad
Jane Darwell as Ma Joad
Charley Grapewin as Grandpa Joad
Dorris Bowdon as Rosasharn
Russell Simpson as Pa Joad
O.Z. Whitehead as Al Joad
Eddie Quillan as Connie Rivers
Zeffie Tilbury as Grandma Joad
Frank Sully as Noah
Frank Darien as Uncle John
Shirley Mills as Ruth Joad
Grant Mitchell as Caretaker
John Arledge as Davis
William Pawley as Bill
Selmer Jackson as Inspection Officer
Charles Middleton as Leader
Eddy Waller as Proprietor
Paul Guilfoyle as Floyd
David Hughes as Frank
Hollis Jewell as Muley’s Son
Gino Corrado as Chef (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood as Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Mae Marsh as Muley’s Wife (uncredited)
Wally Albright as Boy Who Bragged of Eating Chicken (uncredited)
Robert J. Anderson as Hungry Boy (uncredited)
Arthur Aylesworth as Father (uncredited)
Joe Bordeaux as Migrant (uncredited)
George P. Breakston as Boy (uncredited)
Buster Brodie as Migrant (uncredited)
Delmar Costello as Migrant (uncredited)
W.H. Davis as Migrant (uncredited)
Emily Gerdes as Migrant (uncredited)
Barney Gilmore as Migrant (uncredited)
Edna Hall as Migrant (uncredited)
Charles Herzinger as Migrant (uncredited)
Harry Holden as Migrant (uncredited)
David Kirkland as Migrant (uncredited)
Lillian Lawrence as Migrant (uncredited)
Scotty Mattraw as Migrant (uncredited)
Frank Newburg as Migrant (uncredited)
Walter Perry as Migrant (uncredited)
Al Stewart as Migrant (uncredited)
Charles Thurston as Migrant (uncredited)
D.H. Turner as Migrant (uncredited)
Charles West as Migrant (uncredited)
Russ Clark as Guard
Philip Morris as Guard (uncredited)
Max Wagner as Guard (uncredited)
Shirley Coates as Girl in Migrant Camp
Harry Cording as Deputy (uncredited)
Bob Reeves as Deputy (uncredited)
Lee Shumway as Deputy (uncredited)
Frank O’Connor as Deputy #1 (uncredited)
John Dilson as Bookseller
Thornton Edwards as Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Rex Lease as Cop (uncredited)
Ben Hall as Gas Station Attendant in Bakersfield (uncredited)
Walter McGrail as Gang Leader (uncredited)
Walter Miller as New Mexico Border Guard (uncredited)
George O’Hara as Clerk (uncredited)
Ted Oliver as State Policeman (uncredited)
Inez Palange as Woman in Camp (uncredited)
Steve Pendleton as Gas Station Attendant #2 in Needles (uncredited)
Robert Shaw as Gas Station Attendant #1 in Needles (uncredited)
Jack Pennick as Camp Helper (uncredited)
Peggy Ryan as Hungry Girl (uncredited)
Georgia Simmons as Woman (uncredited)
Glen Walters as Woman Who Gets Shot (uncredited)
Josephine Allen as Migrant
John Binns as Migrant
Leon Brace as Migrant
Henry Brahe as Migrant
Scotty Brown as Migrant
Hal Budlong as Migrant
Cal Cohen as Migrant
Cecil Cook as Migrant
Jane Crowley as Migrant
Helen Dean as Migrant
Lillian Drew as Migrant