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Hannah and Her Sisters (1986, Mia Farrow, Michael Caine)



Woody Allen’s most warm-hearted comedy details the lives, loves, and endearing neuroses of three sisters: Hannah (Mia Farrow), Holly (Dianne Wiest), and Lee (Barbara Hershey). Framed by a series of Thanksgiving dinners, the film limns the sisters’ struggles with their warring parents, with their difficult husbands and lovers, and with each other. Allen himself is terrific as Farrow’s hypochondriac ex; Michael Caine and Dianne Wiest won Oscars as, respectively, an unfaithful spouse and a self-destructive actress.

The gorgeous pre-war New York apartment that serves as the major backdrop for Hannah and Her Sisters was actually star Mia Farrow’s own Central Park West home.

production details
USA | Orion Pictures | 107 minutes | 1986

Director: Woody Allen
Producer: Robert Greenhut
Director of Photography: Carlo Di Palma
Editor: Susan E. Morse
Script: Woody Allen
Production Design: Stuart Wurtzel

J.T. Walsh as Ed Smythe
Sam Waterston as David
Michael Caine as Elliot
Julie Kavner as Gail
Lloyd Nolan as Evan
Mia Farrow as Hannah
Dianne Wiest as Holly
Fred Melamed as Dr. Grey
Carrie Fisher as April
Maureen O’Sullivan as Norma
Daniel Stern as Dusty
Woody Allen as Mickey Sachs
Barbara Hershey as Lee
Maureen O’Sullivan as Norma
Max von Sydow as Frederick
Lewis Black as Paul
Christian Clemenson as Larry
Joanna Gleason as Carol
Richard Jenkins as Dr. Wilkes
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Mary
Rusty Magee as Ron
Leo Postrel as Mickey’s Father
Tony Roberts as Norman
Bobby Short as Himself
John Turturro as TV Writer