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The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer


The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970, Peter Cook, Denholm Elliott)



In this very sharp satirical comedy Michael Rimmer arrives at Fairburn Polls to conduct an efficiency study and is soon running the place. His new ideas are just as soon making national headlines. It seems Rimmer’s ideas extend to parliament. After helping Conservative leader Tom Hutchinson become Prime Minister, Rimmer himself has eyes on the top job.

With a script co-written by Peter Cook, John Cleese and Graham Chapman and an effortlessly stylish central performance from Cook, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer is probably even more relevant today. The cast is fabulous, almost every role is taken by a familiar face

classic quote
Well darling where is this super secret suprise honeymoon.
Have you ever heard of a little place called Budleigh Moor.

production details
UK / Paradine / 94 minutes / 1970

Writers: Peter Cook, John Cleese, Kevin Billington, Graham Chapman
Director: Kevin Billington
Director of Photography: Alex Thompson
Composer: John Cameron

Peter Cook as Michael Rimmer
Denholm Elliott as Peter NIss
Arthur Lowe as Ferret
John Cleese as Pumer
Vanessa Howard as Patricia Cartwright
Ronald Fraser as Tom Hutchinson