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Sandpiper, The (MGM 1965, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton)



The fourth Burton-Taylor vehicle (following “Cleopatra”, “The VIPs”, and “Night of the Iguana”) is a steamy love triangle drama formed by an Episcopal minister (Burton), his wife (Eva Marie Saint), and a bohemian painter (Taylor). Free-loving Taylor, outfitted in grimy sweatshirt and black tights, plays Hollywood’s idea of the Beat Generation. She catches the eye of Burton when her son (played by Morgan Mason, son of James Mason) gets sent to his boarding school. Written by Trumbo and directed by Vincente Minnelli, this mostly serves to remind us of the intense screen chemistry of Burton and Taylor and the endless fascination they hold for audiences.

production details
Elizabeth Taylor as Laura Reynolds
Richard Burton as Edward Hewitt
Eva Marie Saint as Claire Hewitt
Charles Bronson as Cos Erickson
Robert Webber as Ward Hendricks
Morgan Mason as Danny Reynolds
Tom Drake as Walter Robinson
James Edwards as Larry Brant
Torin Thatcher as le juge Thompson
Douglas Henderson as Phil Sutcliff
Paul Genge as l’architecte

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Producer: Martin Ransohoff
Director of Photography: Milton Krasner
Editor: David Bretherton
Composer: Johnny Mandel
Screenwriter: Dalton Trumbo
Art Director: George W. Davis

USA | MGM | 117 minutes | 1965