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Steel Trap, The (TCF 1952, Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotten)



In a suspenseful comedy about an essentially decent man, Joseph Cotten succumbs to a million-dollar temptation at the bank where he works. His dream of riches stumbles when he takes wife Wright and family along for the getaway. When the usual family circus causes them to miss the plane to Brazil, Cotten’s conscience reasserts itself, he tells Teresa Wright about his misadventure, and he has the money safely back in the bank for Monday’s opening.

Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright, who costarred in The Steel Trap and Shadow of a Doubt (1943), were also supposed to star in Duel in the Sun (1946). Wright’s husband wrote the story for her, but her pregnancy prevented her from playing the lead.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 85 minutes | 1952

Director: Andrew L. Stone
Cinematography: Ernest Laszlo
Editor: Otto Ludwig
Music: Stan Jones
Mort Shuman
Dimitri Tiomkin
Script: Andrew L. Stone

Jonathan Hale as Tom Bowers
Walter Sande as Customs Inspector
Eddie Marr as Ken Woodley
Teresa Wright as Laurie Osborne
Carleton Young as Briggs, airline clerk
Joseph Cotten as Jim Osborne
Katherine Warren as Mrs. Kellogg
Tom Powers as Valcourt, Travel Agent
Stephanie King as Susan Osborne
Aline Towne as Gail Woodley
Hugh Sanders as Mr. Greer, Passport clerk
Marjorie Stapp as Travel Agent
William Hudson as Raglin, Bank Teller #2