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Before you Go (2002, Julie Walters, Joanne Whalley)



Informed of her mother’s sudden death, Teresa (Julie Walters) heads for the family home. She is joined by her sisters Catherine (Victoria Hamilton) and Mary (Joanne Whalley). They argue, and old grudges resurface. But the arrival of the men changes things: Mary’s husband Mike (John Hannah) is shocked to be told his wife’s pregnant. Frank (Tom Wilkinson) tells Teresa that after years of marriage he wants to sell the family business and become a publican. Catherine’s boyfriend completes the misery by dumping her by phone. As the rot sets in, home truths come tumbling out…

Few directors wear the prefix ‘veteran’ as a compliment, but Lewis Gilbert manages it. Having directed Reach for the Sky , Alfie and a trio of 007s, the then 81-year-old rejoins the star of his award-winning Educating Rita . There’s more self-discovery from the working classes here, but this time Walters gets female assistance as Whalley and Hamilton shoulder some weight, the former doing a nice line in emotional icebergs while the latter thrives on Rizlas and one-liners.

production details
UK | 91 minutes | 2002

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Julie Walters as Teresa
Tom Wilkinson as Frank
Patricia Hodge as Vi
John Hannah as Mike
Joanne Whalley as Mary
Dermot Crowley as Father Cunningham
Victoria Hamilton as Catherine
Hugh Ross as Mr Berry
Raquel Cassidy as Felicia
Alan Stocks as Bob