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Stork Club, The (Paramount 1945, Betty Hutton, Barry Fitzgerald)



In minor Betty Hutton musical comedy The Stork Club she plays a hat-check girl at the Stork Club who lucks into a fortune by saving from drowning a millionaire masquerading as a bum (Barry Fitzgerald).

When Fitzgerald puts her in the lap of luxury, her new lifestyle sparks the jealousy of her G.I. boyfriend (Don Defore). Rumored to have been partly financed by the New York nightspot as a lavish advertisement. Songs include ‘Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.’

production details
USA | Paramount | 90 minutes | 1945
Director: Hal Walker
Script: Jack McGowan, Buddy G. DeSylva,

Noel Neill as Jacqueline Billingsley
Iris Adrian as Gwen
Betty Hutton as Judy Peabody
Barry Fitzgerald as Jerry B. ‘J.B.’ / ‘Pop’ Bates
Don DeFore as Sgt. Danny Wilton
Robert Benchley as Tom P. Curtis
Bill Goodwin as Sherman Billingsley
Mikhail Rasumny as Mr. Coretti
Andy Russell as Jim Jones
Mary Young as Mrs. Edith Bates