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The Offence, The (1972, Sean Connery, Ian Bannen)



The Offence is an intense account of disturbed police detective Johnson (Sean Connery), who beats a suspected child molester to death during an interrogation. The film leaps back in time to probe the reasons for Johnson’s act. Connery is excellent, as is Ian Bannen as the suspect.

The movie was scored by Harrison Birtwistle, his only film score. Birtwistle is a British composer better known for serious orchestral works such as The Triumph of Time (1972), Silbury Air (1977) and Secret Theater (1984).

production details
UK | United Artists | 112 minutes | 1973

Director: Sidney Lumet
Producer: Denis O’Dell
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Editor: John Victor Smith
Composer: Harrison Birtwistle
Screenwriter: John Hopkins
Art Director: John Clark

Sean Connery as Detective Sergeant Johnson
Derek Newark as Frank Jessard
Ian Bannen as Kenneth Baxter
John Hallam as Panton
Trevor Howard as Lieutenant Cartwright, Detective Superintendant
Vivien Merchant as Maureen Johnson
Peter Bowles as Detective Inspector Cameron
Ronald Radd as Lawson