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Edward & Wallis: The Bahamas Scandal, 23 March, Channel 5,



Channel 5

Channel 5 is set to air a revealing documentary titled “Edward & Wallis: The Bahamas Scandal” on Saturday 23 March 2024 at 9.15pm. This gripping film delves into the extraordinary story of the former King Edward VIII and his American wife, Wallis Simpson, during their time in the Bahamas.

In 1940, while Europe was embroiled in war, Edward and Wallis found themselves seeking refuge in southern Europe. However, back home in Britain, Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced what was known as the “Windsor Problem.” The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were rumoured to be sympathetic towards Nazi Germany and became targets of German plots and intrigue.

To remove them from potential danger and German influence, Churchill made the decision to send Edward and Wallis into exile to the distant Bahamas. As colonial Governor and Governor’s wife, it was hoped that they would be far from harm’s way. Unfortunately, this plan proved unsuccessful.

Using recently unearthed secret British Government and FBI documents, this documentary uncovers the tumultuous period of Edward and Wallis’s stay in the Bahamas between August 1940 and their departure in 1945. During this time, they found themselves embroiled in scandal after scandal.


Financial extravagance characterised their tenure as they spent lavishly on revamping Government House and indulging in designer clothing, imported flowers, and even flying in Wallis’s hairdresser from Saks Fifth Avenue. Their finances came under investigation amid suspicions of illegal money smuggling to Mexico.

While Edward championed employment opportunities for black Bahamians and worked on improving conditions for them, race riots erupted under his leadership resulting in the tragic deaths of five black workers. Secretly recorded conversations reveal his personal prejudices which further tarnished his reputation.

The documentary also explores Edward’s ill-fated involvement with an unsolved murder case that saw an innocent man framed due to the Duke’s misguided actions. These and other shocking revelations ultimately led to Edward being ostracised by the Royal Family, ensuring that he would never regain public office.

“Edward & Wallis: The Bahamas Scandal – Revealed” utilises a combination of archive footage, some of which has been colorised, alongside a treasure trove of previously unseen and lesser-known documents. Period reconstructions, evocative music, and interviews with experts and historians enrich this eye-opening account of the Duke and Duchess’s tumultuous time in the Bahamas.


Make sure to tune in to Channel 5 on Saturday 23 March 2024 at 9.15pm for this thought-provoking documentary that sheds new light on Edward and Wallis’s escapades during their controversial exile.

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