Eileen Atkins Remembers… She Fell Among Thieves (BBC Four 16 June 2024)

She Fell Among Thieves

Take a trip back to the 1920s with Dame Eileen Atkins as she introduces us to the world of Tom Sharpe’s 1978 adaptation of Dornford Yates’s “She Fell Among Thieves.” Airing on BBC Four on Sunday, 16 June 2024, at 10:00 pm, this 10-minute special showcases Atkins’s memorable performance as the villainous Vanity Fair, co-starring Malcolm McDowell.

Atkins reflects on her role as “Vanity Fair,” one of the most sinister and scene-stealing performances of her career. She takes us behind the scenes of this mysterious and murderous tale, brought to life by a deadly femme fatale with a sharp tongue and sharper claws.

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“Eileen Atkins Remembers… She Fell Among Thieves” offers a glimpse into the adaptation, which follows directly at 10:10 pm on the same night. The cast included not only Atkins and McDowell but also Michael Jayston, Sarah Badel, Karen Dotrice, and Freda Jackson, under the direction of Clive Donner.

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Eileen Atkins Remembers… She Fell Among Thieves airs on Sunday, 16 June 2024, at 10:00 pm on BBC Four, with the adaptation, She Fell Among Thieves, following at 10:10 pm.

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