General Hospital (ABC Tuesday June 25, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Tuesday June 25 episode of General Hospital, Hamilton accuses Diane of aiding Harrison in taking his daughter, but she maintains that their priority is protecting Violet. Diane proceeds to help Harrison and Brook Lynn gain temporary custody of Violet and obtain a restraining order against Hamilton, leaving him reeling.

Meanwhile, Maxie receives a phone call from Damian, who expresses concern for Carly. Maxie questions Damian about Carly’s situation and the reason for his worry. At Pentonville, Carly meets with Jack, seeking his expertise but unsure if she can trust him. Carly is aware of John’s untrustworthiness and seeks to confide in Jack, potentially forming a risky partnership.

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At the hospital, Jason and Elizabeth discuss Jake, with Jason expressing gratitude for her support in reconnecting with their son. Elsewhere, Anna makes a discovery at Valentin’s house, possibly finding evidence of his connection to John and his involvement with Pikeman. Valentin proposes to Anna, toying with her emotions or perhaps seeking a deal.

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Sonny confronts Ava about her betrayal of Alexis, insisting that she move out. Ava, however, gets riled up and points out the common factor in their troubles. Sonny refutes her judgments, asserting his stance.

General Hospital airs Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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