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Jeopardy! Recap, Winner & Final Answer Friday February 16, 2024



Who Won Jeopardy!

In a brand new episode of Jeopardy! titled “Champions Wildcard,” three contestants faced off in a battle of knowledge and quick thinking. Mira Hayward, a podcast host from Portland, Oregon; Vince Bacani, a risk manager from Montreal, Quebec; and Sriram Krishnan, a consultant from Falls Church, Virginia were the contenders in this intellectually stimulating competition.

The game commenced with categories covering diverse subjects such as Presidential TV, Fiction & Nonfiction, A Dog’s Life, That’s Got 2 Hyphens, Transportation, and I’m Cuban. As the contestants navigated through the questions, they displayed their breadth of knowledge across various domains.

Vince made an impressive move during the “That’s Got 2 Hyphens” category by correctly answering that Charles V selected three fleur-de-lis floral symbols for France’s royal emblem. This strategic wager boosted Vince’s score significantly.

As the first round concluded before heading into Double Jeopardy!, Mira emerged as the frontrunner with a commanding lead of 8,000 points. Sriram closely followed behind with 4,600 points while Vince trailed at 4,600 points.


The Double Jeopardy! round unveiled additional challenging categories including Canadian Geography, Mythology, Science Stuff, Notable Names, Describing The Song, and Oh “My” Word!

Mira continued to demonstrate her prowess during Double Jeopardy!, skillfully capitalizing on opportunities to increase her score. Notably, she successfully tackled the Mythology category when she identified Hera and Rhea as two goddesses whose names are anagrams of each other.

However,a pivotal moment arrived when Vince encountered a Daily Double question in the Notable Names category. Unfortunately for him,Vince experienced some difficulty and ultimately lost a substantial amount of his hard-earned points.

When Final Jeopardy! was unveiled under the theme “Theater“, tension filled the air. The contestants were challenged to recall a play from 1955 that was described in a review as featuring “restless Delta folk” living lives as “uncomfortable & insecure as the proverbial.” Mira and Vince both answered correctly, identifying the play as “What is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?” Despite their correct responses, it didn’t alter the final outcome of the game since neither player wagered any additional points.


Ultimately, Mira emerged victorious with an impressive final score of 18,400 points. Sriram secured second place with 9,000 points while Vince concluded his Jeopardy! journey with 3,200 points.

The Champions Wildcard episode of Jeopardy! aired on Friday February 16, 2024.

Alastair James is the editor in chief for Memorable TV. He has been involved in media since his university days. Alastair is passionate about television, and some of his favourite shows include Line of Duty, Luther and Traitors. He is always on the lookout for hot new shows, and is always keen to share his knowledge with others.

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