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“God Save Texas” An HBO Original Documentary Trilogy Premieres February 27



The HBO documentary trilogy, “God Save Texas,” embarks on a profound exploration of the Lone Star State, delving into the intricate tapestry of its cities and communities. Inspired by Lawrence Wright’s book “God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State,” this trilogy offers a personal and panoramic view of Texas through the lenses of three talented filmmakers.

In “God Save Texas: Hometown Prison,” directed by Richard Linklater, viewers are transported to Huntsville, where seven prisons dominate the area. Linklater delves into the divisive issues surrounding the penal system in his home state, shedding light on the lives affected by incarceration and capital punishment. Through intimate conversations with locals and stakeholders, he unveils a complex portrait of Huntsville’s symbiotic relationship with its incarcerated population.

Next in line is “God Save Texas: The Price of Oil,” helmed by Alex Stapleton. This installment focuses on Houston and its entwined history with the oil industry. Stapleton intertwines her personal narrative as a descendant of slave owners with broader reflections on Black history within Texas’ oil boom. By highlighting environmental injustices faced by Black communities near refineries and chemical plants, Stapleton calls for a reckoning on systemic racism in America’s biggest money-making sector.


Completing the trilogy is “God Save Texas: La Frontera” directed by Iliana Sosa, which immerses audiences in El Paso’s rich Mexican heritage along its border with Juárez. Sosa navigates themes of identity and belonging as she uncovers how border policies impact migrant families living between two worlds. By capturing El Paso’s resilience amidst challenges like gentrification and tragedy, Sosa celebrates the city’s cultural hybridity and unity forged in adversity.

Each film within this compelling trilogy peels back layers of Texan identity, showcasing diverse narratives that often remain unseen or unheard. As directors Linklater, Stapleton, and Sosa traverse their hometowns to illuminate underrepresented stories deeply intertwined with their own histories, they offer poignant reflections on contemporary issues resonating not just within Texas but across America today.

As these documentaries premiere on HBO starting February 27th, audiences can anticipate an immersive journey through the heart of Texas—a state that mirrors both America’s past struggles and potential futures. Through strong storytelling and insightful revelations brought forth by these esteemed filmmakers, “God Save Texas” invites viewers to engage with multifaceted tales that encapsulate the essence of a state at once complex yet undeniably significant.


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