Race to Survive: New Zealand Premieres Monday, May 20 on USA Network

This summer, USA Network ups the ante with an enticing proposition for viewers and contestants alike, as it presents the second iteration of its high-stakes adventure series, “Race to Survive.” Premiering on May 20 with a supersized 75-minute episode, the show promises a gripping journey through New Zealand’s breathtaking yet formidable landscapes.

In this iteration, nine teams of daring duos will embark on a grueling 150-mile expedition across New Zealand, facing challenges that test not only their physical endurance but also their survival skills and mental fortitude. The stakes are high, with a lucrative $500,000 prize awaiting the team that demonstrates the strongest will to endure and the savviest navigation of the treacherous terrain.

The competition is designed to push the teams to their limits, demanding a delicate balance between speed and strategy. While strength and agility are undoubtedly advantageous attributes, they are not the sole determinants of success. The contenders must also exhibit ingenuity, resilience, and an ability to adapt to the unpredictable elements and terrain. From frigid alpine summits to the depths of ancient caves, each step presents a new challenge, and every calorie burned signifies the exertion required to forge ahead.

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The diverse cast of contestants comprises pairs with unique backgrounds and dynamic relationships. Among them are fierce endurance athletes and mothers, Rhandi Orme and Ashley Paulson, who aim to conquer the course while embodying determination for their children. Climbing experts Mikhail Martin and Steffen Jean-Pierre, dubbed the “Climbing Kings of New York,” will navigate the unpredictable landscapes they are accustomed to ascending. Meanwhile, Creighton Baird and Paulina Peña, dubbed “Divorced Daredevils,” bring their post-marital dynamic to the unpredictable terrain, likely drawing on their shared history to navigate the unknown.

The remaining teams include a mix of relatives, friends, and colleagues, each bringing their own dynamic to the race. Bronsen Iverson and Ryan Stewart, a son and father-in-law duo, will navigate the course with their unique familial bond. White water river guides Oliver Dev and Spencer “Corry” Jones will translate their expertise in navigating turbulent waters to the unpredictable land course. Ultramarathoning friends Donald “Jeff” Watterson Jr. and Coree Woltering will draw on their endurance racing prowess, while elite airborne firefighters Ethan Greenberg and Tyrie Mann Merrill will tackle the challenges with their swift and strategic skills. Rhode Island racers Emilio Navarro and Heather Sischo, along with oil rig workers Nikola “Nik” Milutinovic and Kennedy Taylor, round out the cast, each bringing their own brand of grit and determination to the competition.

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“Race to Survive: New Zealand” is produced by Original Productions, with executive producers Jeff Hasler, Brian Lovett, Meredith Prunkard, and Jeff Conroy, who also serves as showrunner.

As the teams prepare to embark on their arduous journey, viewers can anticipate an intense competition, where every decision matters and the line between triumph and elimination is razor-thin.

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