Raven Series Return Premieres 4 Dec on CBBC

Raven Aisha Toussaint

Raven, the award-winning fantasy adventure gameshow for kids, is back on CBBC for the first time since 2010 with a brand new Raven at the helm. The new series, premiering Monday 4 December airs weekdays at 3.50pm on CBBC.

Aisha Toussaint takes on the mantle of Raven, who is out to find a True Warrior to help her battle her nemesis, evil sorcerer Nevar.

For the next three weeks, 16 contenders from all over the UK aged 9-13 will take on challenges testing their courage, strength, agility and resourcefulness as they try to win the most golden treasure rings and make it through the Last Stand and into the Grand tournament.

On Monday, we meet the first four young warriors who have answered Raven’s call and will fight under the banner of the Bear: Larsai, Ledag, Hanmor and Piapta. All are hoping to stay strong through challenges including Cursed Chasm and Pool Plunge.

On Tuesday, the unlucky warrior with the least rings will leave the quest.
In the first game, Warrior’s Eye, the children must prove their archery skills while in Riddle Rocks, they face a tricky word puzzle.

On Wednesday, the winner of the Bears’ heat is revealed – the warrior who successfully completes The Last Stand will go through to the Grand Tournament and have the chance to become a True Warrior.

On Thursday, we meet the next four warriors battling under the banner of the Wolves – Nantin, Dakof, Ciarc and Syora. Their courage, strength, agility and resourcefulness will be put to the test in challenges including Magnetic Maze and Escape the Cage.

On Friday, after the warriors show their mettle in games including Forest Of Golden Orbs and Leap Of Faith, another warrior will be eliminated from Raven’s challenge.

Raven Episodes 1-5 air Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December 2017 from 3.50pm-4.20pm on CBBC.

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