Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke: Upside Down House (Channel 4 1 Nov 2017)

Upside Down House

In the third episode of Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke, Martyn and Sally are desperate to transform their impractical upside down house. Dominated by a big double garage, this 1980s mishmash of living spaces is so badly laid out that to get from the kitchen to the garden you must go through the master bedroom – not ideal for a family that love to barbecue.

George introduces the couple to innovative architect Greg Blee, who has recently been busy designing lavish projects in the Caribbean. Can he turn his talents to something much smaller, and will he be able to create a design that works on Martyn and Sally’s budget of £65,000?

Director and Producer: Jo Griffiths
Director and Series Producer: Philip J Smith
Executive Producers: Rebecca Mulraine, Tania Fallon
Production Company: Amazing Productions

Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke Episode 3 airs Wednesday 1 November 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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