Action (Fox 1999, Jay Mohr, Illeana Douglas)

Alternately praised by critics for its no-holds-barred insider look at Hollywood and criticized for its profanity-laden dialogue, Action was–truth be told–doomed from the start.

Starring the perfectly cast comedian-actor Jay Mohr as sharp-tongued, unscrupulous movie mogul Peter Dragon (a character allegedly based on the series’ honcho, Joel Silver), Action followed Dragon as he schemed to produce his next blockbuster movie, Beverly Hills Gun Club.

Featuring A-list guest stars like Sandra Bullock (as Peter’s ex-girlfriend and the star of his homemade sex video called “While You Were Sleeping…on My Face”), the series was rife with rapid-fire one-liners and in-the-know humor. (Can you guess the real-life inspiration for the balding, well-endowed, gay media mogul who was Dragon’s boss?)

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Ultimately, the show suffered from a lame time slot (Thursdays at 9:30) and an audience that wasn’t ready for (or simply didn’t care about) what really goes on in Tinseltown.

Still, even its strongest detractors must give it props for what is the most clever series finale of all time. After learning Fox had axed the show, Action’s execs quickly had an episode filmed wherein the dastardly Dragon suffers a heart attack and dies.
Only 8 of the 13 episodes aired.

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Jay Mohr as Peter Dragon
Illeana Douglas as Wendy Ward
Jarrad Paul as Adam Rafkin
Jack Plotnick as Stuart Glazer
Buddy Hackett as Uncle Lonnie
Lee Arenberg as Bobby G.
Fab Filippo as Holden Van Dorn

crew details
Creator: Chris Thompson
Executive Producers: Barry Katz, Joel Silver

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Fox
Duration: 30 minute episodes | 13 episodes made but only 8 aired.
Aired From: 1999

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