Ball Four (CBS 1976, Bill McCutcheon, Ben Davidson)

Short lived boundary pushing sitcom Ball Four detailed the exploits, mainly locker room, of the staff and players of a baseball club. The series was based on a book by Jim Bouton, who also starred here. The team, the Washington Americans, were somewhat put out when one of the players, Jim Barton, decides to write a tell all series of articles for Sports Illustrated.

The series, which only lasted five episodes, was boundary pushing because here was a baseball team with the lid off and touched on subjects such as homosexuality, drug use and sex.

production details
USA | CBS | 5×25 minutes | 1976

Creator: Jim Bouton, Vic Ziegel, Marvin Kitman
Producer: Don Segall

Bill McCutcheon
Ben Davidson
Jim Bouton
Marco St. John
Jaime Tirelli
David Carroll
Jack Somack
Samuel E. Wright

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