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Beyond Reason (ITV Thriller, Simon Shepherd, Jennifer Ehle)



In one off thriller Beyond Reason, written by Lucy Gannon and based on a true story, young soldier Susan Christie (Kate Hardie) begins an affair with married army captain Duncan McAllister (Simon Shepherd). It’s an affair that ends in murder.

When Duncan hears he is to be posted to be Germany he decides to call off the fling, Susan is less keen to end things. When she goes for a walk in the woods with Duncan’s wife Penny (Jennifer Ehle), Penny ends up dead. Susan claims they were attacked by an unknown man.

Cast: Simon Shepherd as Duncan McAllister; Jennifer Ehle as Penny McAllister; Kate Hardie as Susan Christie; George Shane as Bob Christie; Maggie Shelvin as Fran Christie; Gerard Rooney as Andrew Christie; Guy Manning as Tim; Jane Galloway as Jean; Jane Robbins as Annette Gascoyne; Alastair Galbraith as Chris; Joseph Crilly as Sergeant Faulkner

Writer: Lucy Gannon / Producer: Jacky Stoller / Director: Jim O’Brien

UK / ITV – Carlton – Kensington Film and Television / 1×120 minutes / 20 February 1995