DCI Banks (ITV 2010-2016, Stephen Tompkinson)

Crime drama series DCI Banks and his team investigate serious crime in Yorkshire. Banks is based on the character created by Peter Robinson in a popular series of novels.

Each story is made up of two episodes and there are generally three or four stories per season. The first season very much followed the dynamic of the books with the focus on the working relationship between Banks and his sergeant Annie Cabot.

Season two saw the introduction of DI Helen Morton who takes over from Annie Cabot (in real life Andrea Lowe who plays Cabot was on maternity leave, a storyline that was written into the series.) Keith Barron and Polly Hemingway also joined the cast as Bank’s parents Arthur and Ida. Chief Superintendent Ron McLaughlin also joined the cast in place of Chief Super Gerry Rydell who had been forced out on corruption charges at the end of season one.

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Season 3 saw the return of Cabot and DI Morton also stayed around. Season 5 saw Shaun Dingwall and Maimie McCoy join the cast. Dooley played criminal Steve Richard and McCoy his wife Tamsin with for the first time one story-line running across the whole season. The first three seasons are based on novels by Robinson but from season four onwards they are all original stories.

production details
UK / ITV – Left Bank Pictures / 32×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 September 2010 – 5 October 2016

Novels: Peter Robinson / Music: Sheridan Tongue / Executive Producers: Andy Harries, Francis Hopkinson / Producer: Stephen Smallwood

Stephen Tompkinson as DCI Alan Banks
Caroline Catz as D.I. Helen Morton
Andrea Lowe as D.S. Annie Cabbot
Jack Deam as D.S. Ken Blackstone
Lorraine Burroughs as D.S. Winsome Jackman
Danny Rahim as D.C. Tariq Lang
Tom Shaw as D.C. Kevin Templeton
Nick Sidi as DCS Ron McLaughlin
Colin Tierney as DCS Gerry Rydell
Shaun Dingwall as Steve Richard (season 5)
Maimie McCoy as Tamsin (season 5)

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PILOT 27 September – 4 October 2010

SEASON ONE 16 September – 21 October 2011
1/2. PLAYING WITH FIRE (16-23 Sep 2011)
3/4. FRIEND OF THE DEVIL (30 Sep – 7 Oct 2011)
5/6. COLD IS THE GRAVE (14-21 Oct 2011)

SEASON TWO 10 October – 8 November 2012
1/2. STRANGE AFFAIR (10-17 Oct 2012)
3/4. DRY BONES THAT DREAM (24-31 Oct 2012)
5/6. INNOCENT GRAVES (7-8 Nov 2012)

SEASON THREE 3 February – 10 March 2014
1/2. WEDNESDAY’S CHILD (3-10 Feb 2014)
3/4. PIECE OF MY HEART (17-24 Feb 2014)
5/6. BAD BOY (3-10 Mar 2014)

SEASON FOUR 4 March – 8 April 2015
1/2. WHAT WILL SURVIVE (4-11 Mar 2015)
3/4. BURIED (18-25 Mar 2015)
5/6. GHOSTS (1-8 Apr 2015)

SEASON FIVE 31 August – 5 October 2016
1/2. TO BURN IN EVERY DROP OF BLOOD (31 Aug – 7 Sep 2016)
3/4. (14-21 Sep 2016)
5/6. UNDERTOW (28 Sep – 5 Oct 2016)

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