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Golden Girl (BBC Adventure, Katie Boyle)



In BBC adventures series Golden Girl Katie Johnson (Katie Boyle) is on holiday in Italy, taking a well earned break from her life as a secretary, when she learns that has has inherited a fortune and she is now a millionaire. Returning home to London she learns that none too friendly types would like to get their hands on her new found wealth.

The six episode first season was something of a comedy thriller format, a second run of six episodes saw more of the same with Katie also getting involved with spies.

Much of the publicity for the series centred around the fact that the series was something of an opportunity for Katie Boyle to take her career to the next level – her own starring role after playing second fiddle for the early part of her career. Katie’s own dogs Mi-Tzi and Tai-Tai appeared in the second season. Michael Caine appeared in one episode (Snatch) of the first season. Francis Matthews and Anneke Wills made appearances in the second season.

Cast: Katie Boyle (Katie Johnson)

Season One Cast: Peter Dyneley (Joe Francis), Noel Howlett (Barstow), Michael Aldridge (Detective Inspector McEwan), Rio Fanning (Police Sergeant), Gordon Daisley (Lesseps), Edward Judd (Carstairs), John Lee (John Redfield)

Season Two Cast: Patrick Barr (John Baker), Faith Brook (Janet Turner), Robert Cawdron (Detective Superintendent Tallerton), Mi-Tzi (Katie’s Dog), Tai-Tai (Katie’s other Dog)

Writers: Michael Pertwee (Season one) / Music: Jack Jordan / Producer: Ronald Marsh / Directors: Ronald Marsh (Season one), Robin Nash (Season two)

UK / BBC / 12×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 July 1960 – 2 September 1961