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In Deep (BBC-1 2001-2003, Nick Berry, Stephen Tompkinson)



In Deep

Crime drama series In Deep focused on the cases of undercover cops Liam Ketman and Garth O’Hanlon who specialised in going deep into the world of the crooks they were trying to crack.

Ketman is married with two kids and his work puts a huge strain on his relationship with his wife Pamela. O’Hanlon meanwhile is single and very much a loner. New regular for season two, Kelly, joined Ketman and O’Hanlon in their undercover work. The final episode of season two had a shock ending with the bombshell of Ketman’s wife being murdered.

The first season consisted of three two part stories whilst the second and third seasons featured four two parters. In Deep was very much a star vehicle for it’s two leads Nick Berry and Stephen Tompkinson.

Guest stars were quite high profile too though and included the likes of Ian McShane, Peter Capaldi, Lucy Cohu, Donald Sumpter and Michael Maloney.

UK / BBC One – Valentine / 6×55 minute episodes 16×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 February 2001 – 4 March 2003

Producer: Steve Lanning / Executive Producers: Mal Young (season 1), John Yorke (season 3)

In Deep

Nick Berry as Liam Ketman
Stephen Tompkinson as Garth O’Hanlon
Lisa Maxwell as Pamela (seasons 1-2)
Reece Dinsdale as Craig Griffin
Chris Walker as Jess Cooper
Karianne Henderson as Nicola Ketman
Buster Reece as Max Ketman
Meera Syal as Marta Drusic
Amanda Mealing as Annie-Marie Griffin
Colette Brown as Dawn Watson
Carli Norris as Kelly (season 2)

SEASON ONE 19 February – 6 March 2001
1/2. BLUE ON BLUE (19-20 Feb 2001)
3/4. ROMEO TRAP (26-27 Feb 2001)
5/6. GHOST SQUAD (5-6 Mar 2001)

SEASON TWO 7 January – 29 January 2002
1/2. UNTOUCHED (7-8 Jan 2002)
3/4. JECKYLLS (14-15 Jan 2002)
5/6. BLOODLOSS (21-22 Jan 2002)
7/8. ABUSE OF TRUST (28-29 Jan 2002)

SEASON THREE 10 February – 4 March 2003
1/2. FULL DISCLOSURE (10 Feb 2003)
3/4. QUEEN AND COUNTRY (17-18 Feb 2003)
5/6. MEN AND BOYS (24-25 Feb 2003)