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Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, The (Channel 10 2005, Romola Garai, Jack Davenport)



Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

Period drama, mini series, with its budget hitting some $15 million dollars The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant is a true epic in every sense of the word and in the classic vein of such legendary mini series as Against The Wind and Sara Dane.

Romola Garai plays the title role of Mary Bryant, a young woman who has to fight for her freedom of not just herself but her young family in the earliest days of Australian history. Hugely emotional the story charts Mary’s tale from being sentenced in England to transportation to Australia through incredible hardships (Mary gives birth whilst on board the boat having been raped in prison) to marriage and more children before an escape plan sends her bound to hang on a ship back to England.

Heart racing stuff and even more so knowing that its all true, Mary Bryant is a well known figure from the days of the first fleet, not just in Australia but also back in England where the public outcry about her story was major.

production details
Australia / Channel 10 – powcorp / 2×120 minute episodes / 2005 30-31 October @ 8.30pm

Writer: Peter Berry / Executive Producers: Peter Berry, Justin Bodle, Andy Harries, Sue Masters, Des Monaghan / Director: Peter Andrikidis

Romola Garai as Mary Broad/Bryant
Jack Davenport as Lt Ralph Clarke
Alex O’Lachlan as Will Bryant
Sam Neill as Governor Arthur Phillip
Tony Martin as Martin
David Field as Thomas
Garry McDonald as Reverend Johnson
Dan Spielman as Cox
Stephen Curry as Allen
Abe Forsythe as Sam
Alice McConnell as Elizabeth
Linal Haft as Sgt. Ryan
Genevieve O’Reilly as Allcia
Leo Jampinjinpa Wayne as Woollarawarre Bennelong
Jacek Koman as Wanjon