It’s A Living (ITV 1962, Jimmy Jewel, Ben Warriss)



Sitcom It’s A Living only lasted for four episodes and starred comedy double act Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss as a couple of old friends who started their own small general store and found the going somewhat harder than they anticipated.

A young Adrienne Posta (then billing herself as Adrienne Poster) played the daughter of Warris. Guest stars included Johnny Briggs, Wallas Eaton, Hugh Paddick and Arthur Brough.

Jimmy Jewel as Jimmy
Ben Warriss as Ben
Lance Percival as Foxy Flint
Fanny Carby as Bertha
Adrienne Posta as Betty

crew details
Writer: Fred Robinson
Director: Peter Croft

production details
Country: UK
Network: ITV – Associated Rediffusion
Duration: 4×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 11 October -1 November 1962

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