Summer In The Suburbs (BBC-2 Aneirin Hughes, Tessa Peake-Jones)

When the suburban dream is shattered by a murder, a family must face their worst nightmare in this emotionally taut TV Movie from the always reliable Tony Basgallop.

A local community is shocked to its core when the body of a 14-year-old girl, Theresa Gibbs, is found in a field. Local detective constable Ted Lyle (Aneirin Hughes) and his wife Sandra (Tessa Peake-Jones), are naturally concerned about the safety of their teenage children, James (Sid Mitchell), John (Ryan Davenport) and Julie (Jemima Rooper). Fear and suspicion sweep through the neighborhood but before long, Ted finds the finger of suspicion is pointing at his own house.

In the aftermath of this chilling murder, the Lyles become deeply embroiled in a web of lies and deceit. Ted and Sandra fear one of their children has committed a dreadful crime. Do they turn traitor – or protector?

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production details
UK | BBC Two / 1×90 minutes/ Broadcast Monday 10 January 2000 at 9.00pm

Writer: Tony Basgallop
Music: John Harle
Costume Design: Verity Hawkes
Production Design: Eve Mavrakis
Executive Producer: David M. Thompson
Producer: Hilary Salmon
Director: David Attwood

Tessa Peake-Jones as Sandra Lyle
Aneirin Hughes as Ted Lyle
Fred Pearson as Harold Lyle
Sid Mitchell as James Lyle
Ann Mitchell as Mulligan
Sarah Alexander as Maisie
Michael Bertenshaw as George Saunders
Ryan Davenport as John Lyle
Jemima Rooper as Julie Lyle
Patrick Cremin as Detective Sergeant Greg Lipton
Emily Corrie as Theresa Gibbs
Michael Tucek as Robbo
Craig Vye as Guy
Joanne Leigh-Palmer as Leanne
Tobias Menzies as School Psychologist
Marcus Rogers as Bobby
Elaine Donnelly as Helen Gibbs
Charles Simon as Terry
Neil Conrich as Detective Chief Inspector Lawson
Chad Gomez as Adam Keys
Peter Gordon as Neighbour 1
Brian Parr as Neighbour 2
Sally Mates as Hysterical Woman
Clive Hayward as Custody Sergeant
Sam Troughton as Police Constable
Sara Clee as Hen 1
Shenagh Govan as Hen 2

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