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The Madness (BBC Drama, Patrick Stewart, Zena Walker)



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The Madness, written by John Elliot, was made to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. It focused on the main protagonists in what was a blood and controversial war. Patrick Stewart as Largo Caballero and Zena Walker as Dolores Ibarruri took the main roles but the expansive cast also included Antony Sher, Clifford Rose and Bill Fraser.

Cast: Bill Fraser (Prieto), Patrick Stewart (Largo Caballero), Zena Walker (Dolores Ibarruri), Clifford Rose (General Mola), Michael Goodliffe (General Queipo De Llano), Tony Doyle (Andres Nin / Waiter in Café), Antony Sher (Militiaman / Young Man in Café), Simon Prebble (Diaz), Timothy Davies (Radio Studio Manager / Young Man in Café), Roberta Iger (First Telephone Operator / Prostitute), Vicki Woolf (Second Telephone Operator / Young Woman in Café), Adrian Ropes (General Asensio Torrado), Rosalind Bailey (Militia Girl), Oliver Cotton (Jesus Hernandez), Alfred Hoffman (Vicente Uribe), Lilita Barros (Federica Montseny), Juan Moreno (Garcia Oliver), Jan Conrad (Alvarez Del Vayo), Garth Watkins (Negrin), Desmond Cullum-Jones (Giral), Colin Thomas (Galarza), Charles Lloyd Pack (General Miaja), John Westbrook (General Rojo), Michael Byrne (Gorev), Rachel Thomas (Rosario), Denis de Marne (Juan / First Largo’s Aide), Eric Francis (Old Man in Café), Marguerite (Carmela), Anthony Langdon (Anarchist), Peter Miles (Orlov), Juan Martin (Guitarist)

Writer: John Elliot / Producer: Rosemary Hill / Director: James Cellan Jones

UK / BBC Two / 1×85 minute episode / Broadcast 21 July 1976