The Project (BBC Drama, Matthew MacFadyen, Naomie Harris)

Political drama The Project was a two parter about the rise of New Labour. Starting in 1992 when Labour lost the General Election and charting the progress of three flatmates and their dedication in bringing Labour to power in 1997 and exposing some of the dirty tricks used to help bring that about.

Paul (Matthew MacFadyen) works in Labour central office, Maggie (Naomie Harris) becomes an MP, and Irene (Paloma Baeza) works as a BBC radio producer.

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Cast: MATTHEW MACFADYEN as Paul Tibbenham; NAOMIE HARRIS as Maggie Dunn; PALOMA BAEZA as Irene Lloyd; SHAUN EVANS as Andy Clark; KAYE WRAGG as Lindsey; JAMES FRAIN as Harvey; ANTON LESSER as Stanley Hall; BEN MILES as Jeremy

Writer: Leigh Jackson / Producer: Matthew Bird / Director: Peter Kosminsky

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UK / BBC One / 1×105 minute episode 1×115 minute episode / Broadcast 10-11 November 2002

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