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The Revenue Men (BBC Crime, Ewen Solon, Callum Mill)



Crime drama series The Revenue Men detailed the cases of a group of customs and excise men.

The series concentrated on the work of an office of the Investigation Branch of H.M. Customs and Excise. I.B. officers, who can usually speak more than one foreign language, are trained in the techniques of detection and interrogation and have powers of arrest and confiscation. Theirs is a roving commission, and they can follow a case anywhere in Britain and abroad.

Head of Branch Stuart Campbell is assisted by two Investigation Officers: the experienced C.S.R. “Caesar” Smith, formerly an officer in the Outdoor Service, and young Ross McInnes, newly promoted from the Waterguard. The remaining member of the team is departmental Clerical Officer Luke Fraser.

Cast: Ewen Solon (Smith), James Grant (Ross McInnes), Callum Mill (Campbell), Claire Nielson (Luke Frazer)

Producer: Gerard Glaister

UK / BBC Two / 39×50 minutes / Broadcast 28 March 1967 – 14 June 1968 (3 seasons)