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Trapper John M.D. (CBS 1979-1986, Pernell Roberts, Gregory Harrison)



Trapper John M.D.

Medical drama Trapper John M.D. was a kind of spin off from M*A*S*H set twenty eight years after the end of the Korean War and featuring an older, wiser and balder Dr John McIntyre.

The series concerned his role as Chief of Surgery at San Francisco Memorial Hospital, always ready to get personally involved with his patients needs.

Other regulars included womanising Dr Gonzo Gates who just happened to live in a R.V. stationed in the hospital’s car park; Trapper’s scrub nurse Starch (later replaced by Nurse Shoop – the actress playing Starch, Mary McMarty, died) and also Dr’s Jackson and Riverside.

Trapper’s son J.T. later became an intern at the hospital during the 1984 season. Major development for the final season was the character of young Gonzo suffering a stroke.

production details
USA / CBS / 150×60 minute episodes / Broadcast Sunday 23 September 1979 – Thursday 4 September 1986

PERNELL ROBERTS as Dr John (Trapper John) McIntyre
GREGORY HARRISON as Dr George Alonzo (Gonzo) Gates
MARY McCARTY as Nurse Clara (Starch) Willoughby (1979-80)
CHRISTOPHER NORRIS as Nurse Gloria (Ripples) Brancusi (1979-85)
CHARLES SIEBERT as Dr Stanley Riverside II
BRIAN MITCHELL as Dr Justin (Jackpot) Jackson
MARION YUE as Nurse Shapiro (1979-80)
SIMON SCOTT as Arnold Slocum (1979-85)
MADGE SINCLAIR as Nurse Shoop (1980-86)
RICHARD SCHAAL as Dr Sandler (1980-84)
MICHAEL TUCCI as Dr Charlie Nichols (1980-84)
BEBE KELLY as Nurse Clover (1981-84)
TIM BUSFIELD as Dr John (J.T.) McIntyre (1984-86)
LORNA LUFT as Nurse Libby Kegler (1985-86)



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