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Trump Unauthorized (2005, Louis Ferreira, Katheryn Winnick)



Trump Unauthorized is a TV Movie about Donald Trump, given his current status as President of the USA it feels like the time is right for a follow up!

Future Vikings star Katheryn Winnick plays Ivana Trump.

production details
USA | ABC | 1×95 minutes | Broadcast 24 May 2005

Writers: Keith Curran, Gwenda Blair
Director: John David Coles

Director: John David Coles
Script: Keith Curran Gwenda Blair

Louis Ferreira as Donald Trump
Saul Rubinek as Peter Wennik
Chris Potter as Fred Trump jr., adult
Ron McLarty as Fred Trump
David Lipper as Robert Trump
Richard Portnow as Mayor Ed Koch
Jennifer Baxter as Marla Maples
Peter MacNeill as Joseph Eichler
Katheryn Winnick as Ivana Trump
Nicholas McGowan as Donald Trump Junior
Caleb Repchuk as Young Donald Trump Age 6
Marjorie Medley as Mary Trump
Mark Camacho as Rosenfeld
J.C. Kenny as Emma Reynolds
Noam Jenkins as Rod Robson
Richard McMillan as Der Scutt
Carolyn Scott as Liz
Jacqueline Pillon as Karen Dalton
Jerry Levitan as Alan Verne
Martin Doyle as Mayor Beame
Daniel Fathers as Ivana’s Lawyer
Peter Cockett as TV Producer
Rory O’Shea as Aspen Reporter
Kyle Buchanan as Teen Reporter
Aaron Abrams as Paparazzi Reporter