Ultraviolet (Channel 4 1998, Jack Davenport, Idris Elba)



Jack Davenport stars as Michael Colefield a detective sergeant who sees his partner killed in the line of duty. When he returns apparently from the dead Michael discovers that a group of vampires are creating havoc throughout Britain; The Vampires are becoming more blatant in their actions, believing that with humankind’s future looking increasingly bleak they have to recruit as much new blood (sorry) as they can; Michael finds himself drafted into a special government agency, the CIB, put together to try and combat the menace.

By adding the twist of the vampires not killing to feed it turns the whole structure on its head, no clear delineation between good and evil, the vampires are even attractive to some with their promise of eternal life.

Very cleverly Ultraviolet takes the centuries old vampire mythos and brings it smack up to date, these vampires don’t go around spooking people for the sake of it, they don’t kill to feed and they look like everybody else (only with a cooler wardrobe).

production details
UK | Channel 4 | 6×50 minutes | Broadcast 1998

Writer and Director: Joe Aherne Producer: Bill Shapter

Susannah Harker as Dr. Angela March
Jack Davenport as Michael Colefield
Idris Elba as Vaughan Rice
Philip Quast as Father Pearse J. Harman
Colette Brown as
Stephen Moyer as Jack Beresford
Corin Redgrave as Dr. Paul Hoyle
Christopher Villiers as Lester

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