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Up Sunday (BBC Comedy, Clive James, Kenny Everett)



A late night satire based look at the weeks news, spinning off from topical late evening show Late Night Line-Up, starring Clive James (Didn’t appear in season 2), John Wells, William Rushton, James Cameron, Kenny Everett (seasons 1-2) and Keith Dewhurst (season 3).

Special One was a common market special and was called Up The Market (31 December 72) and special two was called Up Christmas (23 December 73).

The first two episodes were broadcast as part of Late Night Line Up and featured Clive James, John Wells, James Cameron and in the first Jimmy Wheeler. Roy Hudd also made regular appearances during the first season. Willie Rushton made his first appearance on the 23 April 1972 edition.

Guest stars in season 3 included Eric Idle (1 April 73), Vivian Stanshall (1 April 73 and 22 April 73 – Barts Hospital episode), John Gorman (29 April 73 – Private Eyes episode), John Bird (17 June 73 – Follies of 73) and Madeline Smith (17 June 73 also the Follies of 73 episode).

Season four added a regular musical guest and these included Gryphon (11 Nov 73), Tom Paxton (18 Nov 73), Adge Cutler and The Wurzels (25 Nov 73) and Don Partridge (9 Dec 73). Guest stars included Barry Humphries and Madeline Smith (both 28 Oct 73), Eric Idle and Eleanor Bron (both on 4 Nov 73), Viv Stanshall (11 Nov 73).

UK / BBC Two / 34×25 minute episodes 21×30 minute episodes / 16 January 1972 – 23 December 1973 4 Seasons plus 2 specials

Producer: Ian Keill / Animations: Bob Gale