Gazette: The Critic (ITV 25 Oct 1968, with Nicholas Selby)

Gazette The Critic

In The Critic, the final episode of the series, Arnold Jeavons, the theatre critic of the Gazette dies and Sue is drafted in to take his place. Sue is not impressed by the comedy that she sees and writes a scathing review. It quickly causes a great deal of consternation in town.

Sue, and Hadleigh himself believe the theatre needs to be more progressive in it’s outlook but John Danvers, the manager of the theatre is only interested in putting on plays he knows will please his “regulars.” Sue’s bad review sparks a feeling of discord amongst the actors and threatens to derail the whole company.

Gazette The Critic
James takes a look at Sue’s none too friendly review.

An excellent final episode with all the regulars playing a part. Hadleigh manages to pledge himself further to the Gazette becoming, by the episodes end, the paper’s potential new theatre critic! He also schemes to get rid of Danvers to bring the theatre’s potential around.

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And that’s it for Gazette. Hadleigh would be back in just under a year though in his own self titled series. Some vestiges of Gazette would carry over. Sue Jackson would remain a regular for the first season of Hadleigh and Frank Walters made one appearance.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episodes / Broadcast Friday 25 October 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: Stephen Rich / Production Design: Malcolm Middleton / Director: Brian Parker

Series: Gazette Episode 13 (of 13)

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Gerald Harper as James Hadleigh
Jon Laurimore as Frank Walters
Gillian Wray as Sue Jackson
Michael Blackham as Bill Spence
Ralph Michael as Colonel Chamberlayne
Nicholas Selby as John Danvers
Frederick Treves as Vernon
Clive Graham as Morris
Valerie Douglas as Doris
Norman Shelley as 1st Trustee
Honora Burke as 2nd Trustee
Bill Pilkington as 3rd Trustee
Maurice Parsons as Sparrow
Cynthia Michalis as Elsie

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